Having been hard at work in the mad tchotchke science lab, I’m so excited to share my newest creations: the Altered Authors Series.

These works continue my previous technique of transforming classic vintage porcelain figurines with hand-sculpted alterations, this time with a literary bent and even more elaborate detail. The scholastic sculptures include among their early ranks such figures as Oscar Wildebeast, Jane Austern, James Joyce “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Mantis,” and a raven-headed Poe. Others include Louisa May Alcottontail, a whale-headed Melville, and a lepidoptera Nabokov. While some hybrids are rooted in punnery (I can’t resist a good pun!) and others in literary content or authors’ obsessions, each piece is crafted with a loving (and fanatical) devotion to detail.

I have had a wonderful time scouring the internet for digitized copies of original handwritten documents by or related to my authors.

More info: etsy.com

Louisa May Alcottontail

Oscar Wildebeast

Jane Austern

Raven-Headed Edgar Allan Poe