A few months ago Bored Panda shared some mind-blowing works by an incredible makeup artist Bella Grigoryants. Now, this 27-year-old creator presents her new project – ArtSelfies.

Bella Grigoryants (@bellatrissfx) is a Berlin -based make up artist, who created series of ArtSelfies. The author used her face as a canvas for this project.

Every face-painting took 2-3 hours of working.

Which one do you like the most?

More info: Instagram

Munch. The Scream

Van Gogh. The starry night

Monet. Sunset in Venice

Klimt. The kiss

Mondrian. Composition C

Dali. The Persistence of Memory

Van Gogh. The Starry night

Chagall. Over the town

Magritte. The Son of Man

Malevich. Black square