Architecture doesn’t get much more iconic than the Empire State Building. Since 1931, it’s been a symbol of American confidence for those who love it, and hubris for those who question it. After all, what other nation would build the world’s tallest building on the crest of the Great Depression?

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We did. But like all iconic designs, there’s nothing quite like imagining what ‘could have happened’. The Empire State Building is undeniably Art Deco. But what if it had been built by the Romans, during Europe’s Renaissance period, or in the medieval Gothic style?

That’s just what was on the minds of HomeAdvisor’s designers when they put together this stunning collection of speculative rebuilds.

What do you think? Is America’s Art Deco Empire State unchangeable, or could it do with a makeover?

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#1 Renaissance Architecture

Renaissance Architecture

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Tomas Holicka 4 weeks ago

Needs more flooding and/or tilt.

#2 Gothic Architecture

Gothic Architecture

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#3 Art Nouveau Architecture

Art Nouveau Architecture

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#4 Postmodern Architecture

Postmodern Architecture

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#5 Ancient Roman Architecture

Ancient Roman Architecture

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Tomas Holicka 4 weeks ago

Wonder if you can see the entasis from the ground? Would the Romans be happy?

#6 Traditional Japanese Architecture

Traditional Japanese Architecture

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#7 Deconstructivism


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#8 Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture

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#9 Brutalist Architecture

Brutalist Architecture

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