Chelsea already in the Premier League is this season with a frankly incredible game of 12 consecutive wins in the middle of the season and 93 points.

Excellent players and a charismatic coach, the English club is already memorable in the history of international football. That’s why the artist Joel Moore decided to do a tribute, Adidas custom, the club brand. Moore decided to make portraits of team players, but dressed as real emperors.

In his Instagram account, the artist explains that he decided to represent a “Renaissance” style, both current and past players that took the team to glory. Which is why in the series are portraits of Lampard and Torres, but also Kanté, Azpilicueta and Costa:

“Each military uniform is based on the country each represents and medals show the titles that won both the club and personally such as Order of the British Empire Lampard or trophy player of the year who won Kanté this season.”

More info: Instagram