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Artist Takes Kids On An Imaginary Trip Around The World During The Pandemic
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Artist Takes Kids On An Imaginary Trip Around The World During The Pandemic


Artist Platon painted street art murals across schools* in Athens, Greece, to illustrate a children’s book. He created colorful and whimsical, freehand spray paint graffiti, and the photos of the art were used as illustrations for a children’s book titled Where am I from? Platon transformed boring, dirty, and deteriorating walls into pieces of art to be forever enjoyed by the children. This book’s journey started with a pre-order crowdfunding campaign in July 2018, and all book characters are based on real people from all over the world who backed this project. The author is Elisavet Arkolaki, based in Norway, and the book was published in February 2020 by Faraxa Publishing in Malta, EU.

*The majority of the murals have been painted in schools.

Click on the following link to watch a video of the book.

More info:

#1 The book Where am I from?

#2 Book cover

#3 The opening scene on the making

#4 The book’s opening scene and Platon


#5 1st illustration spread as seen in the book Where am I from?


#6 Working on the Malta scene

#7 The school that hosts the Malta mural

#8 And this is the scene with Eva from Malta


#9 The Malta illustration as seen in the book Where am I from?

#10 The wall that got transformed into the China mural

#11 China mural


#12 Norway mural

#13 Arctic fox mural


#14 The Norway double spread illustration as seen in the book

#15 Venezuela mural

#16 Close-up of the Venezuelan parakeet

#17 The Venezuela double spread as seen in the book


#18 Osiobe from Nigeria mural

#19 Alice from California, paddling and babywearing mural part 1

#20 California, USA mural part 2, the mermaid

#21 Australia mural

#22 Koala

#23 Mommy , son and baby in the belly mural

#24 Erik solves the riddle and finds a universal answer to the question Where am I from?


#25 Erik as seen in the book illustration

#26 The mural that illustrated the final scene

#27 Extra mural 1 end pages

#28 Extra mural 2 end pages

#29 Graffiti used on the Back Cover



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