I am submitting this original artwork on the behalf of Phil Hansen with his permission. I am employed by him to do so. Thanks!

Only using his fingertip and inkpad Phil Hansen creates 11 iconic sports moments.

About Impression: Sports

Artist Phil Hansen is certainly not alone, especially in the art world, with feeling disconnected from sports. Sports have never really impacted his life and mean very little to him personally. Despite a general disinterest, sports are so much a part of the culture that Hansen has unintentionally absorbed many moments. Those instances, although iconic, remain fuzzy in his mind. Hansen’s new series Impression: Sports represents the artist’s relationship to the hugely popular genre and his feelings of having these vaguely remembered moments swirl in his head. The athlete’s depicted are substantially out of focus, pixelated by ink from Hansen’s fingertips and represent a lack of emotional connection while simultaneously remaining completely identifiable.

More info: philinthecircle.com

4 Minute Mile by Phil Hansen

8th Gold by Phil Hansen

1968 Olympics by Phil Hansen

Ali by Phil Hansen

Babe Didrickson by Phil Hansen

Babe Ruth by Phil Hansen

Fosbury Flop by Phil Hansen

MJ Wings by Phil Hansen

The Catch by Phil Hansen

Secretariat by Phil Hansen

Usain Bolt by Phil Hansen