Nigel Cox embarked on a trans-global expedition in his early 20’s and began thinking about the type of world we’d be inhabiting in the future, after the fall of civilization and destruction of life as we know it, a post-apocalyptic wilderness. His new work showcases imagery inspired by popular culture creeping into the backgrounds of Cox’s work. “Solitude & The Road to Extinction” features 16 paintings using oil on linen, exploring themes of solitude and extinction, drawing on a wide range of references, from nature to popular culture.

Cox observes his figures on the busy streets of London, transports them into his calm, minimal spaces, transforming them from anonymous figures in a crowd to the focal point in a vast and mostly empty landscape. He sees solitude as a comforting shield against the frenetic world around him. His solitude is a calm place, apart from the crowd while still being within the crowd.

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#1 Whiteout



#2 Extinct I

Extinct I


#3 Extinct Iii

Extinct Iii


#4 Ezekiel Rising

Ezekiel Rising


#5 The Odyssey

The Odyssey


#6 The Crossroads

The Crossroads


#7 The Silent Array

The Silent Array