Years of imagination, led to months of planning, for this one in a lifetime moment. 3 events in 1 night – a surprise proposal, a solo art exhibition, and an engagement party. Everything was executed perfectly!

I’ve always been a creative individual and as my timeline with my partner dates back over 14 years since high school, I decided to exhibit our journey through the curation of an art exhibition.

The idea was to walk her through key chronological moments of our lives, climaxing to the present moment, where the reveal of the final art piece perfectly paved the way for the proposal itself.

Other elements of the night included a surprise flash mob singing group, who were disguised as visitors of the exhibition, before breaking out into a pre-planned acapella that I had created with them. The night was topped off with our nearest and dearest sneaking into the venue before we arrived back after a photoshoot.

Everything came together perfectly and she said yes!

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Park Bench Dreams

Winter Wonderland

Wanderlust Stamps

Walking through the exhibition


Towards you

Reading snippets of email exchanges from 15 years ago

Hand drawn engagement ring design

Flash mob in action

Finishing touches on the final piece

The big reveal

Hand made ring box

She said yes!

Surprise party!

Party time!

Artful Skecha, signing out

How the Proposal unfolded…