Hello,I’m Oscar Joyo,A Chicago based visual artist and I create noisy images. My work also has elements of Afrofuturism and afrosurrealism through textiles,patterns,and subject matter. I use this as leverage to explore and discover more of my African indentity and be more in tune with that as well as combining other things I’ve been exposed to.

I’m heavily inspired by music and I try to showcase my appreciation through vibrant visuals and my personal attitudes throughout my body of work.Music,to me is an integral component to my art making process since it helps stimulates a visual through sonic patterns.Songs that fit the right topic or idea that I want to tackle makes the process much easier.

I rarely stick with one form of disclipine when I create. I’ve since adapted to using traditional media like acrylic,oil,pastels,graphite,and pens to digital software like photoshop,after effects,and alchemy. Whatever medium or 2 that suit the subject,I do my absolute best to fuse them together to tell a cohesive narrative.

I also think it’s a great way to give brand new perspectives on topics or ideas that needed further explanation and rather than verbally explanning,I use art to give my reasons on the matter.

My goal is that my work helps create new perspectives on different topics and opens up dialogue with others.Though these maybe constructed in a way that could be strange to others,to me it helps me connect with people while delivering a personal and passionate side of myself. I enjoy the work that I do and I hope that you all will too.

More info: oscarjoyoart.com


Nyasa I



So Help Me God


CMPLX (Futura Nouveau)

Murakami I

Murakami II

Murakami III

Alton N The Flesh:Soul Complexion promo video