Artist and photographer Scott Gorman, creates amazing scenes that look as though they are straight out of a Star Wars movie. 

Not only that but he’s imagined an entire back story to breath life into his characters and scenes who are collectively known as the “Phoenix Squad”. Scott is a professional photographer covering a wide variety of genres including weddings, portraits and commercial photography but he loves creating fine art.

His latest series of work entitled “The Phoenix Squad” centres on a team of Stormtroopers under the leadership of General Wulf. Using readily available Star Wars toys and a little bit of Photoshop magic, Scott has created larger than life scenes that bring his characters to life. He’s even went as far as designing a coat of arms, insignia and team moto.

“I’m a huge Star Wars fan and have loved every second of bringing these characters to life.” – Scott Gorman

Scott plans to create a number of further instalments which show the team embarking on some missions and fills in some more of their back story so be sure to register for his blog if you want to keep up to date. 

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