A team’s history is an important part of their identity. In baseball, this is even more true than other sports. Baseball is America’s pastime and some of the most iconic players and iconic teams come from decades ago. For this year’s playoffs, an artist took the ideas of history and nostalgia and created artwork for each team’s competing.

Each graphic is specific for each team. The names of the World Series winning team players for the team are arranged to form the skyline of the city they represent. The only exceptions are for the Brewers and the Rockies as they have not won a World Series. Then, at the bottom, is this year’s roster.

Baseball art has a distinct vibe to it. Like the sport itself, baseball art is often nostalgic and done in the style of 1920s, 1930s, etc. This set of artwork takes some of the themes from the style of art and blends it with the more modern representation of the skylines.


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