Over two years ago I began collaborating with my daughter, Eve, who had just turned two years old and ended up sharing a few of our collaborative pieces and time lapse videos online. Before we knew it, our work went viral and created a platform that has allowed us to encourage other parents to collaborate with their own children. It has been two years of collaborating together and we have grown as artists, our styles have evolved and our bond as mother-daughter has never been stronger.

We have come a long way the last two years from initially using brush pens and taking turns to now painting simultaneously with our thoughts intertwining throughout the creative process.

Children’s imaginations are absolutely priceless and must be protected at all costs, always encouraged and never smothered. There are many times that I have to bite my tongue when Eve grabs black paint and covers half of what we just did or takes us down a creative road I would never have chosen myself, but time and time again, I am proven wrong. Her way, no matter how much it conflicts with my ideas, has always ended up being the best way.

You can find the first post about our collaborations here.

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Mr. Hare

The Paperback Princess

The Sea Monster



The Princess and the Pea

The Siren’s Song

Into the Wild

Red Lips

The Almighty Lion

Blue Eyes

The Wily Fox