Hello everybody. I would like to introduce myself. My name is Svilen Genov and I am an artist. At this point of my life I am focused on creating a form of ecological art, art made out of ecological paper. To me, paper itself can feel, change itself and metamorphose into different conditions. It absorbs the emotional disposition of the artist. Depending on his soul, sensibility and conception of the world, the paper transforms into different shapes. Thanks to the construction, tonality and plastic treatment of the paper, it can influence the viewer on a psychological level. Thus the the viewer can touch the inner part of the artist as well: his character, his feelings, his emotions. This precise fact changes simple paper into an artwork. This technique has for its basis handmade paper, but I have developed it and transformed it using my own unique method. I recycle all kinds of paper. My paintings don`t include paint. Instead, I make very composite, compound tones which are used to create a base with very rich and varied textures. Thus people are fascinated by the final result. Some of my works seem like three-dimensional paintings. Different forms and shapes arise from the surface of the canvases. It looks like a sculpture in which shapes are carved so that they are only slighter higher than the background, very similar to bas-relief. The type of lighting also takes a very important part in the overall conception and comprehension of each creation. It reveals the beauty and the unified impression of my paintings.

By using a great quantity of recycled paper, I am starving to help preserve the environment. In my opinion there are vast quantities of paper that can be made into art. If we recycle paper, we will decrease the destruction of nature. We decrease deforestation, with all of its negative environmental impacts, as well. With respect for the environment, ecology, and nature and we will be joyful with cleaner air and more oxygen.

As a conclusion I think the art should unite us to become more humane and to help the people feel better. It has the mission to fight against injustices and to defend different causes such as nature and ecology.

More info: genov-art.com

“The Power of Colour”

“This Summer`s gonna hurt”, handmade paper, canvas, 100/81cm.

“Flash of hope”, handmade paper, each canvas is 75cm in diameter , together 225/75cm.

“Mars”, handmade paper, canvas, 75cm in diameter

“Cubism”, handmade paper, canvas, 100/81cm.

“GEM 2”, handmade paper, canvas, 75cm in diameter