The miniature lacquer painting is usually created on stones with the help of several layers of oil paints. Anna Zimorodok from Moscow, Russia, has definitely mastered the skill: her beautiful pendants amaze you with the detailed images of flowers, animals and even the great artists’ masterpieces. In fact, Anna is a self-taught artist. She says that in time she has decided to find her own way in painting and not to spoil her unique style by the academic techniques. “For me art is not just a hobby, but the way to heal one’s soul, discover the right path in life and serve people,” explains the woman, “I am keenly interested in the magic of everything that surrounds me — that’s what drives me to create and to share my experience with other people.”

All the miniature paintings are made on natural stones such as agates, quartzs or gem jades. Usually the image size doesn’t exceed 90x70 mm, but there is a bigger one — Botticelli's Venus is about 12x5.5 cm. The artist uses oil paints and leaf gold and then covers the result with a layer of lacquer. I truly admire the things Anna makes and I hope you will do too!

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Art Of Miniature Lacquer Painting By Anna Zimorodok

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