This is a selection of the most beautiful rock micrographs that I’ve taken in the last years, arranged geographically in an ideal travel around the globe. I have many more from other countries, and of course from the areas like the Alps or southern Spain where I undertake my studies, but probably not as aesthetically appealing as those presented here.

Some of them (like agat and charoite) are quite rare semiprecious stones, whereas many more are just ordinary-looking rocks and pebbles collected for research or for fun. However, the way they look outside isn’t important: here I am bringing you INSIDE stones, where beauty is everywhere, even in specimens just a few millimeters wide.

Images are taken with a reflex camera attached to an optical microscope and using transmitted polarized light. There’s no post-processing and “interference” colors are naturally produced by polarized light passing through minerals.

More info:

Italy – Blueschist

Italy – Myrmekite

Switzerland – Serpentine vein

Hungary – Peridotite

Russia – Charoite

India – Graphitic Granulite

Madagascar – Ocean Jasper

South Africa – Tiger’s Eye

Antarctica – Symplectite

Brazil – Agat 1

Brazil – Agat 2

Colombia – Komatiite

Canada – Granulite 1

Canada – Granulite 2