Ever heard your favourite image-conscious celebrity complain about being photographed in the wrong place at the wrong time? Sure you have. Well, this will certainly come as good news to them:
Innovative music producer, DJ, and recently turned fashion designer, Chris Holmes, has recently developed a unique brand of flash photography-reflective clothing – Ideal to wear when leaving your best-loved night spot with bleary eyes. That’s if, you’re a world famous celebrity keen to keep your carefully crafted public persona from being ruined by those pesky paparazzi.
Inspired by a few random occasions whilst touring with Sir Paul McCartney, Holmes noticed he was accidentally photobombing shots with his hyper-reflective clothing. Whether its hats, hoodies or smart suits, Holmes hopes to use his garish garments for “for a greater purpose”, according to his interview in Betabrand.

So whether you‘re a keen photobomber, or just a run-of-the-mill celebrity keen to avoid overzealous camera wielding paps, Chris Holmes‘collection will make a fine addition to your wardrobe.
I certainly don‘t think this will be a mere flash in the pan!

More info: betabrand.com (h/t: petapixel)