We all have something that we have never told our dads. This is natural, dads by their very nature are difficult to confide in. Sometimes we find ourselves asking questions such as: What subjects do we find difficult to discuss? Would it be better if we could say these things to our dads? Is it best to leave with nothing uttered at all? There are probably as many reasons as there are words not spoken.

For Father’s Day, we set up a project called “What I Never Told My Dad” exploring the relationships we have with our dads. Over 3000 postcards have been given out between the UK and the US asking people to share something anonymously that they have never told their dads. The cards have started to come back, they range from warm and moving to shocking and surprising.

Often it’s the things unsaid that scream the loudest, and for some reason this is especially true when it comes to relationships with Dads. But what kind of things would people want to say, given the opportunity and permission to express themselves?

We loved the idea of bringing people together through this site, and to start conversations about peoples own relationships with their dads.

More info: whatinevertoldmydad.com

I think you are the best

Dad, you gave me the confidence

I used to take lots of drugs

The weird smell in the study wasn’t mice

Sorry Dad. I voted conservative

I know you know

When it snowed

I always suspected

I feel your love everyday