As a Rigging artist, I’ve rigged many characters, 3D and 2D both. But after 26 Dec 2015, (as my husband Mahfuz Alam and my friend David said) I have achieved the most “Perfect” rig of my life (and it’s LIVE!)”

This album is for all those who’ve continuously inspired me throughout my life, to be a better person, a better artist and hopefully a better Mother. To all my friends and family, I present to you… Our precious Animated Character – Our son Rafaz Alam and the animated weeks of his life! 




Raf Age

Rafaz’s Adventure

Raf Story



Wreck it Rafaz

Raf Raf – The incredibles

“Here, We let it go,

while we say Hakuna matata,

and the bare necessities.

To infinity and beyond

just keep swimming.

When all it takes is faith, trust

and a little bit of pixie dust,

we whistle while we work

with a bippity boppity boo

Life is always better under the sea

and we believe in Happy endings,

because here, we do Disney!”