How many times have you tried to explain to someone “who” your pet really is, their personality, quirks, all those things that make them one of a kind, only to get blank stares in return? It is an experience every pet owner knows too well. To help loving pet owners solve this dilemma I started creating pet portraits that illustrate the personality only the owner truly knows.

Here are a few portraits, with descriptions of the pet’s personality, that I have created over the past few weeks. My previous works you can see here.

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Mia and her christmas ChaCha heels

She was the queen, regal and kind… and she could rock cha cha heels like nobody’s business.

Dave the joyful

Dave is the sweetest cat, always wants to be around his big brother (our other cat) and isn’t the smartest when it comes to respecting personal space. He is genuinely just really happy to be loved and to be around others. He is kinda like the story of Ferdinand the Bull, sitting under trees and smelling the flowers. He is a very gentle soul and everything in the world is shiny and new to him.

Joey the first stringer

Joey loves to eat and screams when the food bowl is empty (but it isn’t really empty, you just gotta move the food around). He loves to play with his pink string. He’ll play with it for hours. Joey reminds us of a jester because he is just a huge goofball. He has a baffled look about him most of the time and he seems like he is tweaked out. When we rescued Joey from the RSPCA the lady told us he was naughty, we thought “how naughty could he be?”. Well, he broke my crystal Tiffany Vase and I think he did it on purpose. He is one of those cats that just knocks stuff off of the counter on purpose, just to be a jerk. haha!

Team Misfit

Tank is in love with a golden retriever next door and has a high fashion sense, Tai has a tongue like a whip and Toby walks around with his food bowl.

Frankie the boy

Little Frankie has been a lot of fun to watch him grow and learn about the world around him. We bust him playing in the toilets and sinks quite a bit. He also likes to watch TV, which is pretty adorable. His favorite toy by far is the mysterious red dot, but he’ll get serious air when he’s chasing his bird on a string toy. He also always seems to have a eye boogers and dirty ears, and weird stuff stuck under his toenails, just like a little kid. I’m always chasing after him with a tissue.

Cookie the blur

Cookie is the fastest dog at the dog park. Fact.

Girl Frankie

Meet Frankie, she takes all the love.

Moxie the huntress

This is Moxie, being an indoor kitty does not dampen her dreams of being the greatest bird hunter in the world.

Smithers, he tries to be brave

This is Smithers. He is trying to change his life and not be such a fradie cat, but his sister Moxie still teases and chases him.

Teeny the digger

Teeny is a rescue who came to us with all sorts of problems, but we got her fixed up and now she is a three-legged bundle of love. Teeny is not the smartest dog on the planet. She is dumb but full of love. She also loves to dig. That dog would be in China if given enough time.

Everybody is a critic

At least his human liked his portrait… that is something, right?