These maps of Asia, Europe, and Africa will change how you look at every creature and critter using their translated synonyms.

Through a set of beautifully illustrated maps, you can reimagine what the animal kingdom would look like if these animals lived up to their literally translated names.

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Africa’s Literally Translated Animals

Using translations from Swahili, Zulu and Afrikaans, we have found the literal translations for insects, mammals, sea creatures and more!

For example, the translation from the Nigerian language Hausa refers to Donkeys as ambassadors. I don’t know who it flatters more, the donkey or the ambassador, but we like the idea of ‘ambassador’ Donkeys roaming the streets:

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Reimagined African animal

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Asia’s Literally Translated Animals

From languages such as Korean, Sindhi, and Vietnamese, we’ve reimagined what it would be like if these animals fit their translations.

The literal Vietnamese translation for a Shark is ‘Fat Fish’ and you can understand why, though we wouldn’t recommend calling the shark fat (he might get offended)

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Reimagined Asian animal

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Europe’s Literally Translated Animals

These spectacular images feature translations in languages such as German, Norwegian, and Serbian.

You can see why a Hamster would be described as ‘The Observer’, they are always watching You from their neat little corners…

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Reimagined European animal

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