These warm, cute little ceramic planters by Priscilla Ramos, a potter based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, are the perfect way to make your home a cuter and greener place. Each of these small planters, perfect for succulents, features her simple and rustic animal designs.

Her Etsy shop, Cumbuca Chic, means ‘chic pottery’ in Portuguese. In addition to her cute stoneware ceramic pots, she also has adorable pendants in a similar style.

If you’re interested in pottery, be sure to follow her Facebook as well, where she regularly posts updates about her behind-the-scenes work with the plaster molds she uses and the originals she makes them from. She’s currently working on an awesome sloth that we hope to see in her store soon!

More info: Etsy | Facebook | (h/t: lostateminor)

You can find these planters and other crafts on her Etsy page.