Meet Winter, Spring, River and Rain, our 4 Pacific Parrotlet birds. When we welcomed these colorful parrots into our family, I had no idea the impact they would have on me. At only 4-5″ tall, these beautiful birds pack the personality of their Amazon cousins into their little bodies.

The love the pairs share is as big as their attitudes. They cuddle, preen, and care for each other daily. Observing and interacting with my pet birds has brought so much joy and laughter into my life. I’m captivated by their beauty, their intelligence, and their sweetness. They’ve quickly become one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I love to tell a story and convey emotion through my beautiful photos and editing. With their mischievous antics and love for cuddling, the birds provide me with plenty to capture! Viewing them through a macro lens reveals so many details that might have otherwise gone unseen… The tiny eyelashes, their little tongues, the perfection of their pastel-colored feathers.

What I enjoy most about sharing the birds is hearing back from people that they’ve found them to be very inspiring photos that have brought a smile to their day or allowed them to briefly escape to a storybook place where fluffy birds find true love.

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