Most everyone loves a good example of awesome architecture – but bridges are rarely given their due. So the transportation company Geotab commissioned artist Leonie Wharton to create a series of retro-styled posters highlighting some of the most beautiful bridges in America! The stunning results are below.

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This iconic symbol of New York is the oldest of the selected bridges – Construction began way back in 1869!

Naturally, Jersey isn’t going to let NY have all the cool bridges. The George Washington Bridge is the most heavily trafficked out of any of these bridges, and it sees more than twice the daily traffic of the Brooklyn Bridge

The most impressive road to travel when heading for the country’s best seafood

The banks of fog wouldn’t be complete without this eye-catching icon peeking out. Fun fact: the Golden Gate was the world’s longest suspension bridge when it was first built!

Apparently the Death Cab song is based on a real place that has a jaw-dropping bridge

At over 125 thousand feet (almost 24 miles!!), this Louisiana bridge is extra noteworthy for how crazy long it is

Always standing out a bit, this Texas bridge proves that asymmetrical architecture can be elegant and functional

O’Callaghan Bridge is notable as being the best place to get a killer view of the Hoover Dam

The Penobscot Narrows Bridge features a beautiful “cable stayed” structure and elegantly spans half a mile

I’m sure the view is amazing from the Royal Gorge Bridge… If you don’t mind the 1,000 foot drop below the deck