I am an artist and I express my creativity through painting on clothes and creating ArtFashion.

Devastating news about Amazon rainforest fires made me want to create art on a t-shirt. At the time of climate crisis, we can’t lose Amazon rainforest because Amazon is a key component of Earth’s climate system. It holds about a quarter as much carbon as the entire atmosphere and single-handedly absorbs about 5% of all the CO2 we emit each year.

Amazon rainforest provides 20% of Earth’s oxygen

So it’s called the ‘lungs of Earth’

The Amazon rainforest is a carbon sink. It absorbs carbon dioxide and stores it

Amazon rainforest shelters about 10% of the world’s known biodiversity

Amazon has lost 20% of its size in recent years because of deforestation

Amazon wildfires raging have hit a record number this year

The vast majority of these fires are human-lit

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