After a lifetime of service, now Emily needs help.

Emily is a beautiful service dog who has been stricken with bone cancer. A crowd-funding project was started to help with her medical care. A group of famous artists, illustrators, cartoonists and photographers came together to help publicize Emily’s campaign with these amazing original drawings.

Paul Anderson draws the world-famous Marmaduke, the granddaddy of all Great Danes.

Brian Basset is the creator of the internationally-syndicated cartoon, “Red & Rover.”

Ron Finley is a renowned commercial photographer and director with studios in New York and Los Angeles.

Joshua Held is a popular cartoonist, animator and author living in Italy. He is the co-creator of the award-winning animated TV series, “Gino the Chicken.”

Rafael Albuquerque is a famous illustrator for DC Comics and the award-winning co-creator of Crimeland, Mondo Urbano, and the New York Times best-selling series, American Vampire written by Scott Snyder and Stephen King.

Robin James is an illustrator whose beloved work has appeared in over 85 children’s books, including the bestselling Serendipity series.

Terry Tennesen is an animator, illustrator and game animator. He has created animation for PBS, Microsoft and numerous others.

Matt Wagner is a writer and artist of some of the biggest names in comicdom, including Superman, Batman, The Sandman, Spider-man, Green Arrow, The Shadow and many more. In addition, he is the famed creator of Grendel and Mage.

Cesar Aristeiguieta is an award-winning expedition and advertising photographer whose work has appeared in National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and Esquire.