Three months after our first son was born, my husband bought me my first camera. It was confusing and cumbersome to learn – particularly when I had a newborn attached to me! Slowly I began understanding the different settings and enjoyed our little “photo sessions” with our newborn (which resemble every pinterest fail you’ve ever undoubtedly seen). Fast-forward through two more sons, a few hours of YouTube attempting to make sense of light and technique when I stumbled upon Lilia Alvarado’s work. I was fascinated with how she captured the wonder and joy of childhood through her girls using light. I had a house full of boys at the time and have some wonderful, timeless photos of them that I absolutely treasure. But, truth be told, none of them ever actually wanted their pictures taken. 

There were more trips to get ice cream for just one or two shots than I can count. Almost three years after our third son arrived, our fourth, a girl, came curtsying into our world. She is hilarious and lively, but most importantly for my photography, very cooperative and interested in having her picture taken! With her on board, I’ve had so much fun chatting with her about our ideas and then letting her take the scene and do what three year old’s do best – play and play happily and willingly. It’s always a joy to catch authentic moments and children are the best at authenticity… particularly when they are enjoying what they’re doing! These are some of my favorite shots of her so far. I hope you enjoy them!