Since completing his Master’s degree in Fine Art , Shadrach has been making waves on the art scene here in the Caribbean . The prolific artist from Wotten Waven, Dominica has producing art since 1994 and currently owns a signature painting style called a “Liquid fingerprint ” . His older brother, Gharan Burton and his father David Burton are also artists but Shadrach was mentored at an early age by two prominent local artists by the names of Earl Etienne and Ellingworth Moses.

“Chillen like a villain ” 2017 ( acrylic on canvas )

“When champions dance ” 2017 ( acrylic on canvas )

“The jellyman II ” 2017 (acrylic on canvas ) 20″ x 30 “

“The hummingbird ” 2016 ( acrylic on canvas )

“The old man and the ocean ” 2016 ( acrylic on canvas )