Hello there! I’m a watercolor painter since 2010, and I never had my own style. Since January, when I gave up and started painting without fear, I just found myself.

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When I decided to paint in January, my 11 year old daughter come with me and drew too. In a little game, I started to draw her . Over time, more and more often , I felt a desire to draw her, not as a picture, but as if “her soul speaking”. Today I try to draw the women’s soul: who know or see in journals, videos or photos.

Check out the result of the works of last 20 days ! Tell me what you think !

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Project Female Soul | Leaf

Project Female Soul | Wind

Project Female Soul | Full Moon

Project Female Soul | Wind 2

Project Female Soul | Hugs

Project Female Soul | Walking

Project Female Soul | See

Speed Painting de Aquarela | Vivi Melancia Fine Arts