When Nate set off school with his prized Pokemon card collection he couldn’t have imagined that they would all be stolen from him by cruel, selfish classmates.

Poor Nate, who has special needs, was devastated. So his Dad and friends took to the Facebook group The Geek Asylum to appeal for any spare Pokemon cards anyone may have so that Nate could re-build his collection.

The response was astounding. Group members sent heart-warming letters, Pokemon toys, art work and most importantly Pokemon cards!!! As he opened them there were smiles and tears of absolute joy from this sweet little guy. He was so thankful to everyone!

He had 400 cards stolen from him and gained an amazing 3000 cards back!!! Truly a wonderful end to such a sad story

Unlike a lot of groups on Facebook the Geek Asylum hosts meet-ups and raises money for various charities. The group promotes positivity, support of one another and operates with the hashtag #oneofus. A great place for those who love to speak geek without the bullying!

See Nate open his gifts below, it still makes me tear up!

More info: Facebook

The Geek Asylum member gather together to watch Nate open his gifts

He was so excited!

He was so appreciative of everything he received!

As he reads a special letter of support he becomes over-whelmed

His little face says it all!

Recreating the art still with tears of joy in his eyes!

His favourite character is Pikachu, a roller coaster of emotions for the little guy

The gifts just kept coming!

The result! A happy little boy who with the help of his friends triumphed over the thieves!