Uttam Nagar, “Potters Village”, is a secret tucked away in the middle of Delhi. The place is a hub for all types of pottery and supplies to Delhi, Gurgaon and nearby areas. The families here came down from Rajasthan decades ago and finding good business for their products decided to settle down.

Whole families are engaged in the craft of pottery, with kids starting to learn at the tender age of 4 and perfecting the craft by 18. Crowded with clay, vehicles and kids playing around, the place is buzzing with activity throughout the day. Wood/wood shaving fired kilns provide the much needed heat to transform the easily malleable clay into permanent art forms.

While earlier these potters produced goods needed for the house, they later shifted to art pieces due to dwindling demand for their earlier products. Though filled with hardship, one can see smile on the faces of the people who live here. Upon requested, some may even allow you to lend them a helping hand in their work.

Removing any unnecessary particles

Ready to add water

Kneading the clay to make it malleable enough to be worked on the potter’s wheel

Giving shape on a mechanical wheel

Adding intricate details

The pieces are air dried before being placed in the kiln

Women in the family take care of the fire which is used to bake the pots and art pieces

Adding a touch of colour

Off to the market for sale