It fascinates me how many people think making cakes is easy, you just grab a piece of fondant and magically make it happen! Well, the cake does not bake itself, it also does not come with a ready-made filling unless you go for the mass production and even your sponge works on ‘just add water’ basis. However, even the most simple buttercream filling requires mixing of several different ingredients. The cake then needs a neat cream or fondant finish. And particularly when it comes to fondant, have you ever tried rolling fondant by hand to cover a 18″ or 16″ cake? Trust me, after a couple of years of rolling, you will be mistaken for a body builder, or at least your biceps will. As we are on the subject of muscles… Oh dear, standing on your feet for long hours, day by day…

The truth is that running your own business as well as maintaining your freelance practice comes with all sorts of risks and commitments. Long hours, exchanging endless e-mails with clients as well as replying to their messages at at 11 pm because you stopped working at 10.30 pm (or 2 am if something went wrong) simply becomes your everyday work routine.

But above all your tiredness, annoyance and irritation, if you are a cake maker or a freelancer you won’t stop, because you love the constant buzz, the challenges and the adrenaline rush that comes with it. What is the best is the excitation of not knowing what your next order will be as well as what other extravagant idea the customer is going to come up with and most importantly the gratitude of satisfied clients.

And hence we’ve had an extremely productive few weeks at the shop, I thought I’d share with you some of our most recent creations!

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One of our favourite most recent cake toppers:

Watch: The Making of Minnie Mouse – Time Lapse

Pikachu Cake made out of Rice Crispy Treat

Edible SucculentPlant Pot, Stones and Soil

1:1 Scale Robin Cake Topper

Modelling Chocolate Figurine

Galaxy Theme Cake

Rubik’s Cube Topper