The tiles I create combines my love of the countryside and nature, with collecting unusual items from flea markets. I find the sculptural qualities of a simple flower, seed pod or Fir cone visually exciting. The life of flowers and plants can be very short lived, the process of casting them is like capturing a moment in time, preserving them to be enjoyed long after they have faded away. Many other items can be cast, an old set of dividers, a simple bottle opener or old key. The process of casting gives them a beautiful sculptural quality & transforms the items into a work of art. I am happy to take on individual commissions.

The tiles are made by pressing the item into clay. It is then removed & plaster poured over to create the cast. When the plaster is dry the clay is peeled away to reveal the raised impression. A small hole is drilled into the back to allow the tile to be hung on a wall, or it can simply be propped up on a shelf. The tiles are signed and numbered on the back as they are limited editions.

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