The Oodnadatta Track is a journey of discovery and exploration. This unsealed outback road is 617kms long and provides stunning views of semi-desert scenery.

Traveling the Oodnadatta Track in South Australia is one of my most memorable Australian adventures. Traversing vast outback wilderness and significant sites from the past, the Oodnadatta track offers an experience rich in natural beauty, culture and history. It is a journey of discovery and exploration.

The Track itself is an unsealed outback road, 617kms long, between Marree and Marla. It follows a traditional Aboriginal trading route and passes through stunning semi-desert scenery.

Running alongside the Old Ghan Railway Line, which ceased operations in 1980, the Track provides an opportunity to learn about and imagine an era from the past. Remains and ruins of the Old Ghan Line, including many railway sidings and bridges, can be seen along the way.

In the old days (1850-1900), Marree was the main center for Afghan camel drivers who used the town as a starting point for journeys that took them to places as far away as Alice Springs. Marree offered much needed support for the completion of these long-distance supply deliveries. Now, it is a quiet town and the majority of those who visit Marree are traveling along the Oodnadatta.

Roughly 45km out of Marree the Track crosses the Dingo Fence, also known as the Dog Fence.

The Dog Fence is the longest fence to have ever been constructed (completed in 1885) in the World as it stretches from Western Australia across central Australia and up into Queensland. The total length is 5,614kms. The purpose of this fence was to prevent wild dogs in the North from threatening sheep in the South.

Aside from the cultural and historical highlights, there is endless outback wilderness to enjoy as well. There are many picturesque places to camp and once darkness falls the night sky offers unparalleled stars gazing opportunities.

There is no better way to enjoy the Outback country!

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