The inspiration for conducting a photographic duel was brought on by my daughter Kaja who took her camera on a September school trip. I expected that, in accordance with the digital limitlessness she would bring back hundreds of photos, but to my surprise, Kaja took only five. I was astonished by the respect with which my daughter approached the art of photography.

The five pictures that Kaja made were truly a revelation. Each of the frames described only my daughter’s most important memories from the trip: a picture (taken on the bus) of the fleeing fields, a picture of the sea together with the mainland, a photo of the sea itself, a picture of a cloud in the shape of an angel (Kaja told me that she saw her guardian angel in the clouds), and a photo of an ice cream in a wafer.

My own adventure with photography has begun as recently as in 2011, but pretty soon I was able to find my own style. From the beginning I focused on content rather than form, and to tell a story in every picture has become my goal. You can see my previous post here.

But this path has entailed that with time I started to look too widely at issues, to expand frames too strongly and I also felt that I fell into patterns. As every creator I felt it was time for a fresh look and I am very fortunate to have Kaja who became my example.

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Me and my daughter Kaja decided to conduct a photographic duel

I have never taught Kaja how to take photos, but I saw that she had a great eye for photography

Being a photographer for 5 years, I felt I needed a fresh look on things

We set both cameras to automatic mode and started searching for places to be photographed

We photographed towns, forests, mountains, mornings and sunsets, because I wanted to get to know Kaja’s way of looking

Kaja always photographed first, because I did not want her to be influenced by my style of photography

Cameras were set to automatic mode and we used very similar lenses

The project includes five photographic sessions conducted during the last four months

Kaja is very fond of photography now, and I know that she has an extraordinary gift of sight

I am very fortunate to have Kaja as my example