I’ve been a professional artist and designer for about 10 years, and from the start I’ve loved making things which could be shared by others and turned into their own works of art. I’ve watched crafters turn my scrapbook kits into gorgeous personalized pages. And I’ve seen my fabrics used in the most amazing quilts, clothing and craft projects. It’s like I’m collaborating with thousands of other artists. My desire for another “creative collaboration” led me to design my first coloring book for grown-ups in 2012.

Flower Designs Coloring Book, which I self-published in 2014, is my favorite and I believe my best book to date. As an ardent colorist myself, I worked hard to make this book a challenging, inspiring and beautiful book for adult colorists. Each intricate and varied image was designed to stand alone as a work of art you can mount, frame, or use in any artistic or crafty way you choose. The book as a whole was also designed to encourage you to experiment with color, learn design, and bring those lessons into other parts of your life.

I love to see the adult coloring craze in full swing. Although coloring can be a calming and relaxing activity, it’s also about getting creative, having some fun and making the world a little more colorful!

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