I participated in a local chalk festival for the third year in row to help raise awareness for FosterAdopt Connect with a mission “to provide foster and adoptive children a stable, loving and nurturing family environment by support and advocacy for abused and neglected children and the families caring for them.” I chose to chalk John Lennon in theme with our nonprofit partner because Lennon was adopted by his Aunt and Uncle because his parents were unfit to care for him.

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I set up my camera and filmed my process, and then sped it up 12,000% to create this time-lapse. It took just over 7 hours in the heat, but it was so fun I almost didn’t notice! I place 1st in the adult category! Woohoo!

More info: ozarksfirst.com

Final John Lennon Chalk Portrait with Artist Christie Snelson

John Lennon Chalk Drawing Time-Lapse