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50 Shades Of Masonry
User submission
Illustration7 years ago

50 Shades Of Masonry

“50 Shades of Masonry” is the latest project produced by the creative collective “Masonry / Massoneria Creativa” to which I belong. The focus of this particular project is sex seen as the union of two individuals who, for a moment, become a single entity and create something unique and spiritual.

The collective, which was founded a year ago, consist of about 800 creatives from all over Italy and beyond, a miscellaneous group of illustrators, graphic designers, writers and musicians united by passion and madness, who look to the future with a renewed desire to change things and make them better.

“Masonry / Massoneria Creativa” has succeeded in a short time to unite people otherwise distant and make them work together. Thanks to the individual skills the group soon became a place to exchange views and knowledge, a comfortable spot where you can always find inspiration, advices and good friends.

You can find all the artworks made for this project here:

And don’t forget to follow us on fb!

More info: Facebook

Resli Tsk

PiPa PaVo Team

Alessio Anthony

Eva Luna

Simone PiZKA

Antonio Di Nardo

Santino (Piranha) Bellinvia

Alessandro Rauso

Stefano Essequadro

Walter Petretto

Mara Ferrari


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