Travel photographer Mohamed Hakem recently visited Siwa, Egypt’s largest oasis and one of the most remote places on Earth. Meanwhile, he did a little experimentation. 5 who took pictures of the same place for 24 hours, showing how the time of day changes the image.

He details each photograph.

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“So this was the first picture when I arrived at the view point. It was noon and you can see the hard shadows and the high contrast”

“This was the second shot, I returned back to capture the Magic hour, which I believe was truly magical but opted to capture the sun as it kisses the mountain”

“This was minutes after sunset, the true magic hour, the high clouds now appeared, colored Sky, and light bulbs began appearing on the castle”

“…and tha magical mid night! enough said! stars are so bright as there are barely any pollution, the sky is super dry and the city lights are minor”

“Thought the sunrise would have been more interesting, since the sky is boring and the sun shines from the other side, we lost a lot of Drama”