This is my favorite places across Curonian Lagoon in Lithuania.

For most of the people, traditional plan for the day to have a lunch in a favorite cafe and windy walks by the beach can be diversified by educational trips in… eye-catching lighthouses!

The signposts in the vicinity of Neringa and Šilutė have led the way for sailors and fishermen for many years. They reveal the wonderful panoramas of the Curonian Lagoon and the Baltic Sea to tourists. These are the most unique 5 lighthouses that you can easily access and visit at the Curonian lagoon.

Pervalka Lighthouse

This road sign is the only one constructed not on land but on the Curonian Lagoon itself.

Almost 100-year-old fascinating construction

Uostadvaris Lighthouse

Climb 48 cascading concrete steps and admire the panorama

At the closer look you can even see an edge of the Nida Dunes!

Ventės Ragas Lighthouse

Known as ‘the real horror of all seafarers’

For many years it has rescued sailors by warning about shallow waters here

Juodkrantė Lighthouse

Takes only 20 minutes climb through the forest to get here

It has been recognised as the most mysterious Lithuanian lighthouse

Nida Lighthouse

Flashlights was visible even from a distance of 41 kilometres.