The National Chicken Council (why are you laughing? It’s a serious non-profit trade association!) has come out with some statistics regarding meat consumption per capita in the US. And it turns out that chicken, specifically broilers, are on the top of the list.

In 2018, the average American consumed around 92.4 pounds of chicken throughout the year, with forecasts hinting at a 2-pound increment in 2020. That is almost double the amount of beef (57.2 lbs) and pork (50.9 lbs) that your average Joe would eat in a year.

The easy breeding, keep-up, and maintenance as well as the vast variety of end products make chickens the most popular animal to farm. Besides, chickens are delicious and nearly any chicken dish is easy to prepare. Sorry vegetarians and vegans.

So, it should come as no surprise that chicken-related posts are also gaining popularity right off the bat. Twitter user ImpHolla has recently posted a picture of 5 chicken wings on a plate, each numbered and eaten to a varying degree. The caption reads “I’m a 3 1/2”, hinting at the internet to give its own thoughts on where it lands in the spectrum. And that’s how it went viral.

Twitter user asked the internet where it falls on the chicken wing scale…

Image credits: ImpHolla

Apart from answering where they are on the scale, some Tweeters also started coming up with their own names for each point on the scale. This inevitably led to forming social norms and explaining the line where normal ends and disrespectful (and even crazy) begins. Yet some even suggested this scale can also be used to determine friends and even partners.

Bored Panda invites you to get acquainted with the new 5-point chicken wing scale. Let us know how you eat your chicken wings in the comments!

… and it quickly became project to develop a formal social acceptance measuring tool

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Also, if you need a crash course on how to make the most of your wings, here’s the perfect one

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We’d love to hear how you eat your chicken wings based on this scale in the comments below!