We have 2 cats, Baldrick and Melchett, both short-haired moggies. We have had ginger Baldrick since he was a kitten. He is now 11 years old but still acts like a kitten. Tabby Melchett was living wild on a river bank until 3 years ago he appeared at our back door hoping to be fed, and has been with us since.

Night-time gymnastics

Hoping to be fed

Sneak attack

The Sound of Mewsic

‘Did you see the size of that mouse?’

‘Driving da bus with ma feet on tha pedal’

Border patrol

Winter portrait


Supercat 2

Garden cat

Ear trouble

Morning stretch

Catnip giggles

Me and my shadow

The night hunter

Evening patrol

The Laughing Catalier

Mousie attack

Autumn nap

Leap into action

Look into my eyes

Playful cat

The dinner time rush

Evening wash

Shadow cat

‘Do you feel lucky?’

Springtime cat

Footloose cat

Bad taste cat

Evening stretch

Cat portrait

Summer stretch

King of the castle

The hunter

Sky cat

Dancing cat

At the bottom of the garden

‘Who’s been here?’

Tired kitty