4-year-old Nora Davis had lost her mother, Amber Davis from cervical cancer. Obviously, the family was devastated by Amber’s short farewell, but with her father’s help, little Nora became the beautiful woman her mother was in just a few photos. Her father, Derek Davis was overwhelmed with emotion during the photo shoot. Nora, donning her mother’s beautiful gown, took a heartwarming series of photos at the very place her parents had married in 2011.

To the brave little girl, I personally hope, however, that she will grow up to be the dazzling woman she is meant to be. This photo shoot shows eyes of wonder, and a face bright and ready for the future.

This is 4 year old Nora, donning her late mother’s wedding dress to honor her

She had lost her mother, Amber Davis to cervical cancer recently

With some hope, she donned her mother’s beautiful dress and posed with a face that seemed ready to face the future

She simply looked dazzling in her mother’s dress

Little Nora took her heartwarming photos at the very place her parents married in 2011