Andrew Myers must be one of the most patient artists around – he creates stunning 3-dimensional portraits by drilling 8,000 to 10,000 individual screws into a plywood panel, then paints over the head of each screw to enhance the 3D effect.

Born in Germany and raised in Spain, since his early childhood, Andrew Myers has been artistically influenced by european life and culture. At the age of 20, he applied to the Art Institute of Southern California (now known as the Laguna College of Art and Design); with no previous art training, Myers was accepted based upon the natural talent his application portfolio evidenced.

Many of his works have been highly acclaimed nationwide, but he’s probably most famous for his 3D Screw Portraits. What’s best is that Myers doesn’t rely on any computer software while drilling in the screws, he figures it out as he goes along. “For me, I consider this a traditional sculpture and all my screws are at different depths,” says the artist.