Designer Anouk Wipprecht is on the bleeding edge of both fashion and technology, experimenting with ways in which these two fields can learn from and benefit each other. Her latest project, a stunning robotic dress with a 3D-printed exoskeleton that responds to and interacts with the wearer’s surroundings, questions our boundaries of what fashion and technology can be.

The dress has multiple sensors that monitor the wearer’s proximity and their own stress levels. “Approach the wearer too aggressively and the mechanical limbs move up to an attack position,” Wipprecht writes. “Approach the system under calmer circumstance and the dress just might beckon you to come closer with smooth, suggestive gestures.

The sensors and mechanical limbs are all run by an Intel Edison platform, which is a tiny processor designed for integrated technological applications like these. Check out the video of the dress in action below!

More info: | Facebook (h/t: laughingsquid)