My name is Nick Forrow, I live in Prague, in Czech Republic.
I have traveled a lot around Europe, visiting diverse tourist spots, and wherever I went I found only a small variety of souvenirs. They seem to be the exact same items like plates, magnets with a famous city silhouette, models of clock towers and many similar others. Sadly, the only variety is the name tag of the different countries/areas: “Prague”, “Berlin”, “Paris”, and etc. They are the same things year in, year out, only the raw materials change – they get cheaper with time.

I had a wish to create something more special than those plain souvenirs, so I created these 3-D pictures, which are based on medieval scenes of Prague, my favourite city. Prague is one of the rare cities where medieval architecture is still well-preserved, and I try to depict this medieval feel through my artwork.

The decoupage technique used for the above isn’t modern technology, but has been around for hundreds of years, only the name has evolved to 3-Dimensional Decoupage, reflecting the 3-Dimensional view created through spaces between layers of paper. I first use watercolour paint on fine ink-drawn figures. This provides the best base for cutting.I then carefully cut every layer out, followed by gluing printed images, thus creating every individual piece of artwork. Finally, I cover some items with polish, as a finishing touch. This process requires a lot of perseverance, time and patience. However, the most difficult part is to first imagine the image in your head, in very fine detail.

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