I am Jerameel Lu, 24, a hobbyist from the Philippines. I am a Civil Engineer by profession, but Art is my passion.

For now, Art is just my hobby: I’m still busy earning a living as an engineer, so I have little time to work on my creative ideas. For this reason, inspiration rarely strikes me. My job is internet-based and I work alone in my room on engineering estimates late into the night, and only log-off at 8 in the morning.

My life at this stage is a struggle, full of stress. I lack social contact. How can I have time to realize my passion? To do more art? I work all night & sleep all day, and for me, it’s torture.

I hope that someday, when I’ve saved enough money, I can leave this job & freely do what I want, to follow my passion in an artists’ career. Maybe that’s the reason why some of my pencil drawings create the optical illusion that the images appear to be pushing out of the page. Maybe those illusion drawings represent my passion, trapped by my situation, trying to get free.

Many have asked me to explain my drawing technique, so I have made a 3D art step-by-step tutorial on Facebook.

Since I only draw during my free time, I’m not sure exactly how long it takes to create one of these realistic artworks; if I had to guess, a 14×11 inch drawing would take one full working day.

The hardest part of doing this kind of art is imitating shadow, spreading it evenly on the paper surface so as to create the appropriate lighting effect.

More info: Facebook

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