One saturday I went one afternoon by the circle line (S 41 – train) around the city of Berlin and shot after every station pictures out of the window of the train. One round aorund the city – 360 degrees. This Project is about the perception of the city from the railway perspective. It’s all about different patterns, shapes and colors which were created by the motion blur. Each picture of the route reflects the diversity of the urban landscape of Berlin.

In this series you can see the best pictures taken between the stations. It took me about 1 hour to shoot the photographys. The post production was about 3 days. In reality I took a whole 32GB SD-Card with my Canon 70d full of pictures. It was not only about taking pictures – the process of photography was almost coincidence. The creative part was to find the most interesting pictures out of all.

The final step was to put them in this video, which should remind with it’s motion and the cut to a ride with the train. I also tried to emphasize it with the beautiful music by Podington Bear.

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