Pollution is horrible. It’s killing animals, destroying habitats and oceans, and even causing some species to go endangered. It needs to stop! Lots of us know about global warming, which is caused by pollution, air pollution, but it’s not just garbage. It’s our animals that were breeding. There are so many cows that over time, they have gas and it actually causes holes in the ozone layer, which is protecting earth from the full on heat from the sun.

Since there are now holes in the ozone layer, the sun’s full heat is now seeping through those holes. The earth is warming at an alarming rate. But that’s only one problem. The most well known, but only one.

Water pollution is causing big problems too, but no one seems to pay that much attention to it. Sure, global warming is huge, and I guess we should pay more attention to it, but water pollution should be second in line.

Animals are eating our discarded garbage and choking, getting poisoned, and dying from it. Animals are getting their necks or other body parts stuck in soda container holders. It’s choking them, or harming their body parts greatly.

The list of downsides goes on and on.

We need to stop this.

Pay attention.


Let’s make this happen.