I have spent thousands of hours turning my favorite snack food into my favorite celebrities. These peanut caricatures started as a joke at work in mid-2012. I would make quick sketches of my co-workers on a peanut that was roughly their body shape. The results got big laughs so I tried making ones of famous people. The first attemps were awful but once I got the hang of painting they improved quickly.

I’ve had many different jobs, from making fake food for TV commercials to inventing toys. All the skills I’ve learned have come in handy in making these tiny artworks. I have a giant list of all the people I want to make and am slowly working my way through it. There have also been a lot of commissions from people who want peanuts of their favorite celebs or loved ones. Selected works were recently exhibited at a solo show in Singapore and will be part of a group show at the Miller Gallery in Cincinnati this holiday season.

Source: stevecasino.com

Freddie Mercury

Photo By Mike Hoeting

Captain America

1950’s Superman (George Reeves)

Muhammad Ali

Bruce Lee

Clint Eastwood

James Bond (Sean Connery)

Elton John

Elvis Presley

Pablo Picasso

James Brown

David Bowie

Donald Trump

Andy Warhol

Batgirl (Yvonne Craig)

Photo By Mike Hoeting

Creature From The Black Lagoon

Photo By Mike Hoeting

Edward Scissorhands (Johnny Depp)

Howard Stern

Jerry Garcia

June Carter And Johnny Cash

Photo By Mike Hoeting

The Munsters (Yvonne Decarlo And Fred Gwynne)

Photo By Mike Hoeting

Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens)

Edgar Allen Poe

Sid Vicious And Johnny Rotten (Sex Pistols)

Bride Of Frankenstein (Elsa Lanchester)

Wonder Woman


Photo By Mike Hoeting

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