There is a huge hype around everything connected to Iceland now, well everyone wants to go to the land of fire and ice, explore, see and be amazed of all the perfect creations that nature gave to the people. And I finally understand how perfect and magical it is. Awesome landscapes with gigantic waterfalls, which give you chills when getting closer, or the icelandic horses. It’s just wow! But leaving behind all the cliché and mostly overphotographed places, you can discover more than you can imagine. On our 8 day trip in Iceland, we visited almost all the important sights, starting with the Golden Circle and continuing counterclockwise on the Ring Road, exploring the north capital Akureyri and back on the westic side all the way down to Reykjavik. Obviously we haven’t forgot about the Blue Lagoon either, so we enjoyed the perfect spa moments on the last day. We deserved it, after 7 nights sleeping in a tent in around 6-10°C.

So as a photographer I decided to create a unique project from this amazing trip. I live in the world of patterns and textures, so these are my interpretations of the most well known places of Iceland. Enjoy the difference.

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